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Worcester Cathedral Dean and Chapter Treasurer's Register, 1611-1669

David J. Morrison

New Series 28, 2018

This volume is a transcript of the Treasurer's Register for Worcester Cathedral for 1611, 1619, 1639, 1642, 1663 and 1665-69. It will enable historians to investigate the impact seventeenth-century events on the Cathedral, and will be of use to ecclesiastical and local historians as well as building historians and archaeologists: 'This beautifully produced volume has the magic quality of eavesdropping on history. Seventeenth-century Worcester Cathedral was at the centre of city life as a major employer. Bell-ringers greet dignitaries, highways are repaired, the poor are taken care of, local craftsmen repair the Cathedral and musicians are paid for playing in the Quire.'

Rebecca Fraser, author of The Mayflower Generation: The Winslow Family and the Fight for the New World (2017).


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Court Rolls of Romsley, 1279-1643
Matthew Tompkins
New series 27, 2017
This book presents summaries and translations into English of a remarkable collection of court rolls for Romsley, a township near Halesowen. The records chronicle the disputes and conflicts that troubled the villagers, but also show how Romsley people worked together in the interests of community harmony. They contain the names of over 1,000 Romsley people. The book is an essential source for family historians and all others interested in the history of the northern part of the historic county of Worcestershire.
Romsley 215x300
Price: £28
The Autobiography and Library of Thomas Hall, B.D. (1610-1665)
Denise Thomas
New series 26, 2015

Thomas Hall was a learned author, schoolmaster and Presbyterian minister during the English civil wars and interregnum, living at King’s Norton, now a Birmingham suburb but then in Worcestershire. He described his extensive collection of books as his joy and only possessions of worth. In his autobiography, Hall tells his story from his birth into a prosperous merchant family in Worcester to his death at the age of 54 at King’s Norton as an outcast from church and school. To it he attached his last will and his bequests to three libraries in three catalogues of over 1,400 books. This is an authoritative edition of his autobiography and his will, and includes comprehensive catalogues of his book collection. 

Thomas Hall 216x300

Price: £28
The Diary and Papers of Henry Townshend, 1640-1663
Stephen Porter, Stephen K. Roberts and Ian Roy
New series 25, 2014

This new and authoritative edition of what is probably the most important single source for the history of the civil war in Worcestershire includes details of the royalist administration of the county and a vivid eye-witness account of the siege of Worcester in 1646. The volume also contains an account of the early months of the Long Parliament of 1640, and journal material on national events in the 1650s and early 1660s. A scholarly Introduction, Maps and Indexes of names and places are provided.

Price: £32
Register of Simon de Montacute, Bishop of Worcester, 1334-1337
Editor: Roy Haines
New series 15, 1996

The order book of a medieval bishop in the age of Edward III, revealing how he ruled his diocese.

"Altogether a most handsome volume ... a detailed and lively picture of life in the English church." A. K. McHardy
Price: £35
Worcestershire Taxes in the 1520s. The Military Survey and Forced Loans of 1522-3 and the Lay Subsidy of 1524-7
Editor: Michael Faraday
New series 19, 2003

Lists of sixteenth-century taxpayers in the county, which provide an indispensable guide to property and wealth. This edition will be of the greatest interest to family and social historians.

“This edition has been prepared with meticulous care and scholarship, well presented and has a helpful introduction, with some good tabulated analyses of the data” Alan Dyer
Price: £28
Court Rolls of Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, 1347-1564
Editor: Robert K. Field
New series 20, 2004

Records of the manor court at Elmley Castle, which provide ample evidence of the way a medieval community regulated its affairs and organised its agricultural work.

“This [is a] meticulous and well-introduced edition ... [with] excellent indices, of everyday life in an open-field village” Harold Fox
Price: £25
Records of Feckenham Forest, Worcestershire, c. 1236-1377
Editor: Jean Birrell
New series 21, 2006

Provides a detailed and fascinating insight into the working of the king’s law in the forested area of south-east Worcestershire. Details of the forest economy, poaching, property holding and very large numbers of names of forest-dwellers over a wide range of parishes. Of great interest to social, economic and family historians.

An ‘exemplary edition … by a leading authority on medieval English forests’ (Mark Page)
Price: £28
The Worcestershire Eyre of 1275
Jens Röhrkasten
New series, 22, 2008

The operation of the king’s principal law court held at Worcester is traced in this volume. The records for the court held in 1275 are virtually complete, and they tell us in detail about the crimes, criminals and victims of 13th century England, as well as about the legal procedures of the time. This volume is proof that violent crime and sudden death were a commonplace of everyday life in the middle ages. The edition includes comprehensive indexes of names and places.

Price: £40
Tithe Apportionments of Worcestershire, 1837-1851
Peter L. Walker
New series 23, 2011

Transcripts of 181 tithe awards and apportionments for Worcestershire parishes. Contains lists of property owners and tenants; details of field names, their size and details of how the fields were used. This CD-ROM provides a huge amount of evidence about the people who lived in mid-nineteenth century Worcestershire and how they managed the land. Those tracing their ancestors, researching the history of villages or parishes, investigating field names, seeking information on nineteenth-century farming practice or the social structure of communities will find this a great resource. Note: CD-ROM only.

'A fascinating and extremely valuable resource ... that fully repays the time, effort and collective endeavour required to produce it.' Henry French, University of Exeter
Price: £25
Noble Household Management and Spiritual Discipline in Fifteenth-Century Worcestershire
James P. Toomey, Robert N. Swanson and David Guya
New series 24, 2013

This volume includes A Household Account of Edward, duke of York at Hanley Castle, 1409-10, edited by James P. Toomey; and The Visitation Court Book of Hartlebury, 1401-1598, edited by Robert N. Swanson and David Guyatt.

Expertly edited by the late James P. Toomey, the household account of the duke of York provides us with a detailed insight into life at Hanley Castle in the early 15th century. We learn what those who lived in the castle ate and drank, how they sourced their foodstuffs and other provisions, and how an upper-class household was run five centuries before 'Downton Abbey'! The Hanley Castle account includes a detailed, authoritative Introduction and a comprehensive Index.

The Hartlebury Court Book has been edited by Robert N. Swanson, a leading authority on the late medieval church. It is the record of a church court, at which the moral and spiritual failings of Hartlebury folk (including absence from church on feast days, adultery and fornication), were judged and punished. The edition includes a scholarly Introduction, Maps and full Indexes of names and subjects.

'This volume not only makes important historical materials accessible to students of fifteenth-century Worcestershire (and the Welsh borderland): the editors also indicate the significance of these materials on a much broader front.' Professor Ralph Griffiths
Price: £28

Occasional Papers

Worcestershire Agriculture in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: an Analysis of the 1854 Returns for Worcestershire
By J. P. Dodd
No. 2, 1979
Price: £3
Monastic or Episcopal Obedience: The Problem of the Sacrists of Worcester
By Joan Greatrex
No. 3, 1980
Price: £3
This Little World. The Novels of Frances Brett Young
By David Cannadine
No. 4, 1982
Price: £3
The Making of Georgian Worcester
By David Whitehead
No. 5, 1989
Price: £3
Worcester Infirmary in the 18th Century
By Joan Lane
No. 6, 1992
Price: £4.75
Bromsgrove: A Small Town in Worcestershire in the Middle Ages
By Christopher Dyer
No. 9, 2000

Sold out.

Price: £5
The Making of the Medieval History of Evesham Abbey
By Jane Sayers
No. 10, 2004
Price: £4.5
Catholics in Worcestershire, 1535-1590
By C. Don Gilbert
No. 11, 2009
Price: £4.5
Monastic Charity and the Office of Almoner at Worcester Cathedral Priory, c. 1240-1540
By David Morrison
No. 12, 2012
Price: £4.5
Esquires, Gentlemen and Misters in Seventeenth-Century Worcestershire
By Ian Warren
No. 13, 2013
Price: £4.5

Discounted Volumes

A Calendar of the Register of Henry Wakefield, Bishop of Worcester 1375-95
Editor: W. P. Marett
New series, 7, 1972

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Price: £10
A Selection from the Records of Philip Foley's Stour Valley Iron Works 1668-74, volume 1
Editor: R.G. Schafer
New series, 9, 1978
Price: £10
The State of the Bishopric of Worcester, 1782-1808
Editor: Mary Ransome
New series, 6, 1968
Price: £10