About WHS

Worcestershire, like many of England's historic counties, is served by a Society dedicated to the publication of its historical records. The Worcestershire Historical Society was founded in 1893 and since that year has published 43 volumes in its first series (until 1957) and 26 volumes in its new series (since 1960). 13 occasional papers have also been produced.

The volumes are edited to a high standard of scholarship. Records are carefully selected for their historical importance, and range in date from the eleventh to the nineteenth century. They shed light on every aspect of the county's history - social, economic, political, cultural and religious. They are designed to be used by historians of all kinds. Many past publications have become classic sources, which are constantly consulted and cited in works of historical interpretation. The county is rich in documents, and there are enough important unprinted materials to fill another thousand volumes!

The Society is one of the county's oldest institutions, and does a great deal to make Worcestershire better known and respected. The Society's publications are distributed to libraries and centres of learning in this country and throughout the world. It applies for help from charitable trusts to pay for part of the costs of individual volumes, but it depends for its continuation and prosperity on the generosity of individuals, mostly from the county, who pay a modest membership subscription.

Members receive a free copy of each publication, and are invited each year on a Saturday afternoon to a talk on a historical theme by a distinguished scholar. Tea and refreshments are provided, making a pleasant social occasion. Please join the Society. You will enjoy owning and reading the attractively bound volumes, and you will be contributing to the perpetuation of Worcestershire's thousand year history.

The Annual Subscription is £18.00 for an individual or £28.00 for a society or institution.